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Sample Web Sites

In cooperation with Eureka Woodworks, Inc. and all producers, Sand Dollar Digital Design offers you a choice of customizable web templates to help get you started in the World Wide Web. You can choose from one of the available free templates or ask us to design a custom look for your own site.

This section of the site serves two purposes described below:

  1. To show designes available for new producers to choose from as a starting point for a web site. This serves as a starting place, sites can be infinitly customized after set up.
  2. To illustrate features that may or may not be included with your Producer Package. Content of each page of the web site in the white area is a feature-rich sections that can include text, images, photo galleries, events calendars, shopping cart system and more.


Eureka Classic - 1

Click to see a sample of this style

Pages on this sample illustrate the basic site with no alterations. This is typically the lowest level of entry into a producer program that features a "Point of Sale" web site.

Classic - 10

Click to see a sample of this style

This sample site illustrates the addition of Cartamonga, an on-line catalog and shopping cart available only from Sand Dollar Digital Design. It is an added feature and may be part of advanced programs. Additionally, the College Logo page is added to this template.

Each new site includes the following at no additional cost:

  • Up to 7 uniform pages with your company name, information and logo on every page.
  • Email addresses as needed (i.e. yourname@yoursite.com)
  • We recommend your own photos for the site. We will gladly replace existing images with personal images of your products or business if desired.
  • Addition of an image or two on the 'About Us' page.
  • Placement of information provided and proofed by you on the 'About Us' page.
  • Meta Tags that help your page get listed on Google, Yahoo, MSN and as many as 30 search engines on the internet.
  • Placement of your prices on the 'Ordering' page.
  • Customization of your Eureka Specialty Wood Products items listed on the 'Products' page.
  • Basic Promotion Package (worth $75). That's right, we will help get your site started on Google, Yahoo, MSN and as many as 30 search engines on the internet. For an additional charge, we can help get your site promoted as a sponsored listing on many of these sites, also.
  • Set up of email addresses using your sites web address.
  • Registration of one domain for first year (included in intial Eureka Producer Program cost). After first year the charge is $20 per year.
  • Hosting of website for for first year (included in intial Eureka Producer Program cost). After first year the charge is $227.40 per year

For an additional set up fee, Sand Dollar Digital Design offers a large number of specialized tools not included in your free website:

  • Cartamonga: Our own shopping cart designed to bring your products to a market that covers the globe. Your customers can order with confidence that their personal information is secure and you can customize and update your product images, descriptions and prices as often as you wish.
  • Custom Graphics for Your Site: Take a look at our gallery of sample sites. We believe in providing you with a unique site that leaves an impression on your customers. We will gladly help make your site stand out on the Internet.
  • Mailing List for Your Own Newsletter: Stay in touch with past and future customers with a newsletter. Let them know when you plan to be at shows or announce other new products you sell. Your site does not have to be limited to the products you offer as a Eureka Specialty Wood Products producer.
  • Photo Gallery: Show your past and future customers your own photos of production, shows, friends or what ever you desire. This gallery allows you to put up your own pages on your site with photos and as much description or story as you wish without additional charges. You can change these pages as often as you wish from your secure log in area on your own site. You can put as many as 500 photos up with out needing more web space. This is a great tool to help keep your site fresh and keep the interests of not only your customers, but Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines that favor fresh, up to date sites.
  • Many more custom services are also available. Too many to list here. If you see a feature you would like to add to your site, do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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