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2011 New Years Build-a-Producer Program Sale
January 10-February 15, 2011
Here is your chance to custom build a Producer Program to fit your wants & budget-and on SALE to SAVE YOU $$$

Here’s how the Build-a-Producer Program Sale works:
Every package starts & must include the Basic Producer Program and then from there, you can custom build your Producer Package and depending on how much you spend, a Discount % will apply to the total, saving you money and fitting your budget and needs
Price: $ 7,195.00

Junior Series: 

Garden Series: 

Director Series: 

Santa Fe Series: 

Rocker/Glider Series: 

Picnic Table Series: 

Miscellaneous Furniture Series: 

Marketing Package: 

Materials Kit: 

Jr. Assembly Jig & Temp Set: 

Jr. Picnic Table Jig & Temp Set: 

Jr. Chair & Rocker Temp Set: 

Jr. Sports Chair Temp Set: 

See Saw Temp Set: 

Garden Chair, Bench, Swing & Table Assembly Jig/Temp Set: 

Folding Garden Chair Assembly Jig/Temp Set: 

Swing A-Frame Assembly Jig/Temp Set: 

Chaise Lounge Temp Set: 

Director Chair Assembly & Temp Set: 

Folding Director Chair Assembly & Temp Set: 

Santa Fe Chair, Table & Footrest Temp Set: 

Santa Fe Rocker & Glider Temp Set: 

Adirondack Chair & Love Seat Rocker Temp Set: 

Adirondack Chair & Love Seat Glider Temp Set: 

Adirondack Rocker/Glider Foot Rest Jig/Temp Set: 

Adirondack Folding Chair Temp Set: 

Sports Chair Jig/Temp Set: 

Trestle Style Full Size Picnic Table Jig/Temp Set: 

A-Style Full Size Picnic Table Jig/Temp Set: 

Round End Table Jig/Temp Set: 

Full Pallet Lumber (1125 board feet) upgrade: 

Glider Base Lumber Kit: 

Chaise Lumber Kit: 

Trestle Style Picnic Table Lumber Kit: 

A-Style Picnic Table Lumber Kit: 

See Saw Lumber Kit: 

5000 1-3/4`` ss screws, 100 bolt, washer & nut upgrade: 

Web site Setup, Domain Name Purchase & Hosting: 

College Logo Website Addition: 

Cartamonga Shopping Cart for Website: 

Sales Brochures: 

Postcard Mailers: 



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